Friendship Quilters Guild includes Philanthropy as part of its endeavor to make and donate quilted items to charitable, non-profit organizations in the San Diego area.

We create and make donations to:
  • Placemats and quilts for Meals-on-Wheels
  • Quilts for Project Linus
  • Items for other organizations as requested
  • Lap quilts for the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study
Friendship Quilters Guild is fortunate to have donated fabrics on hand from which we create kits for placemats, quilt tops and quilt kits ready to quilt and bind.  We make these kits at Cutting Up parties that meet once a month and then offer them at guild meetings for members to check out and return at a later date.  Members are encouraged to contribute quilts and placemats that they have made on their own as well.  Our guild contributes approximately 350 placemats and 100 quilts each year.
We also host Quilt-a-thon days where members meet for sit and sew time to assemble quilts and placemats from the kits that we have made.  It is also a chance to have some fun as we visit and share with our friends in the guild.
Once a year we have a Philanthropy Night as one of the monthly meetings.  Members come to cut and make quilt kits, sew batting, and tie quilts to help fulfill the Philanthropy role at Friendship Quilters.


Meals-on-Wheels ( offers daily meals to seniors over 60.  For those who can eat out, meals are provided in a central location.  For those who cannot get get out, meals are brought to them, which means that someone visits with them daily and provides social interaction and safety checks.  The placemats we make are approximately 14” x 17”.
These are some sample  placemats:


Quilts for Project Linus
Project Linus ( provides blankets and quilts to seriously ill and traumatized children 0 to 18 years old.  We make 100% cotton or flannel quilts.   Recommended sizes are:  Neonatal – 24” x 26”,  Baby – 36” x 40”, Child – 40” x 48”, Teen – 40” x 60”.  Quilts that are a bit larger or smaller are also acceptable.  The greatest need is for teen quilts.


Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study
This project provides quilts to participants in the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study (  ADCS is an initiative for clinical studies in both new treatments for and prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Preferred sizes for lap quilts are 45” – 50” wide and 50” – 55” long and made of 100% cotton or flannel.