President’s Challenge

2016/2017 President’s Challenge

Our theme is “I Remember … “  Think of a special place, event, or item that gives you good feelings and memories.  It could be a quilt you had as a child, a place you visited, a special dress you loved to wear, a happy occasion,  a personal relationship, a toy, a weather event, something you think about that makes you smile.  It can be a simple design or be as complicated as you want.


Accept the challenge and CREATE a quilted picture or representation of that memory.  Use different techniques, or not, embellish it, or not,  piece it or appliqué it, or not.  How about a photo collage, or something with a 3-D effect?  a birthday cake you loved?  Make it in an odd shape or wild and crazy colors.  You may use techniques from Special Projects.   The size is up to you as long as it is 20” x 18” or 18” x 20” or less.  Explain its meaning on the back if you want to share.


Projects are due at the April meeting and will be accepted later as well.  Sign up for a $2.00 fee to be used for prizes.


I hope all of you would like to celebrate a special time, experience, or treasure with a little quilt!


Here is a sample.  Once many years ago I visited my grandmother in Houston.  She had a beautiful quilt on the bed where I slept.  I loved the pattern and used paper and pencil to copy it.

At home I made a cardboard copy and created this square.  Whenever I look t it, I think of that lovely visit, this beautiful design and my wise and wonderful grandmother.