UFO Challenge

2017-2018 UFO Challenge

Do you know of a quilter who doesn’t have at least 5 UFO’s (UnFinished Objects-or Useless Fabric Obstacles) stuffed into project bags at the back of the closet?  This challenge is to help you miraculously turn those formerly Useless Obstacles into Useful Opportunities to enjoy yourself or gift to family, friends or Philanthropy.


Turn in the completed form listing 5 in process projects and $10.00 no later than the November meeting (make a copy of the back the form (your project list) to turn in-keep the original).  New challenge members will receive a flower pin to wear to meetings.  Every time you complete a challenge, pick up a button for your pin and fill out a ticket for a chance to win a prize awarded at the June meeting. If you already have a flower pin, you may add this year’s buttons to it.



  • Any fabric project that you have started and put away is eligible: quilt (any size), wearable art, or a project you have pulled fabric for and bought the pattern but then put it away in a safe place.


  • Choose 5 projects to complete for the year. 1 of the 5  Must be a philanthropy project-check it in with us, then turn it in to Ruth. 1 of the 5 can be a surprise project (don’t have to give a description)
  • We have given you a suggested timeline-you will get an extra ticket for each piece if you turn it in by the suggested date-but, if you choose to turn them all in at the May meeting, you still get 1 ticket for each one.
  • A finished project has a label with your name and date finished, is quilted and bound and a wall hanging has a sleeve.


  • Bring your completed project to the UFO table, check it in and get a button and a ticket for the end of the year (June) drawing.

Last Deadline: May Meeting!

There will be a special drawing for those who finish all 5 in addition to the general drawing and a drawing for those who have turned in all 5 and on time. Ready, set . . .Quilt!!!!!

 Print out and complete the following form:

UFO Challenge Guidelines 2017-18


UFO, UFO, Dashing all the way

I will get my project done

Way before the date!!!